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Part of the reason why my clients often feel better in ways they hadn’t anticipated is my treatments incorporate ideas that are often missing in american healthcare. These include the following: Safety, neuro plasticity, sensory receptor corruption and Body-Psychotherapy.

I refer to my sessions with clients as polyvagal informed therapy. Polyvagal Theory is about the transformative power of feeling safe. When you feel safe you can heal. Many of my clients come to me in a defensive state of mobilization (fight or flee), or immobilization (freeze). My first, and most foundational goal is to help them turn off defensive mechanisms in order to achieve health, growth restoration, and connection with other people. “This feeling of safety is the treatment-it is a neural exercise.” Stephen Porges

Neuro plasticity is the recent discovery that our brains continue to change throughout our lifetimes. “…an improvement in body action reflects the change in the central control, which is the exclusive authority.” “…a drastic change in the motor cortex will have parallel effects on thinking and feeling.”. Moshe Feldenkrais
The modalities I use to reduce and eliminate pain often improve how my clients move. These changes in movement correlate to changes within the brain like the creation of millions or even billions of new synaptic pathways.

Sensory receptor corruption, “software”, refers to sensory receptors that after injury or trauma remain in a heightened state of electrical activity. They remain stuck on even though the associated tissue, “hardware”, has healed. “No longer can we say ‘It’s all in your head.’ Many things are coming up from your body.” Stephen Porges
P-DTR was designed to reset these sensory receptors in order to reduce pain, improve movement, and turn off defensive mechanisms.

Body-Psychotherapy is a body-oriented form of trauma treatment. Pain has an emotional component and is often the result of trauma that causes the body to create an adaptive reaction. Instead of focusing mostly on the event, this type of therapy looks at the bodily responses in order to integrate cognitions and bodily experiences.

"Tracy Maxfield is an amazing practitioner trained in several modalities which he expertly incorporates to find and address the source of the issue to facilitate true healing. His approach is unique and I have been blown away by his ability to resolve issues that other natural health experts and even medical doctors could not figure out. If you have a health concern that seems to linger or is a mystery - you should definitely make an appointment with Tracy."

- Nancy Brown

"I originally saw Tracy for back pain which completely went away after that initial visit. What I wasn’t expecting was to find help with my food sensitivities. I never even envisioned that was something that could be improved. He found the cause, treated it and now I have been able to add foods back into my diet that I haven’t been able to eat in years without having any auto immune side effects! He also has a great bedside manner, listens to every symptom I have and doesn’t disregard any of them. 5 stars all the way around!"

- Victoria V.

"I have been seeing Tracy for treatment for a couple of years now. A friend referred me and took me to see him the first time and I am so grateful I did.

I had neck surgery that had complications that left me with a condition called torticollis. I experienced a lot of pain and ultimately, my neck and left arm were basically useless and I could not hold my neck straight. After seeing many doctors, I was running out of hope, patience and options.

Until I met Tracy. He has worked and studied tirelessly to find ways and new techniques to help me gain better use of my left arm. I am a receptionist and typing is a big part of my job. Thanks to Tracy, I am able to type with both hands again and can use my left arm better than before.

He truly cares for his patients and I would recommend anyone who is seeking answers for pain to him in a second."

- Jan Dill

"In 2014, I visited Tracy Maxfield and his In Balance Neuromuscular Therapy office in Springfield, Missouri, for the first time. At that time, due to recurring, chronic lower back pain (and a recent athletic injury), I had to lift my own legs and feet into and out of my car in order to make the drive to his office. I was not certain, at the time, whether or not Tracy could help me, but he had been highly recommended by one of our local dance instructors. I had determined that if Tracy's treatment could not help me, having no other options to relieve my pain, I would pursue the possibility of contacting an orthopedic surgeon.

While there for that first 2014 visit, the gentleman client before me (a total stranger to me) had assured me on the way out of Tracy's office that "whomever I was, and for whatever reason I was sitting in the waiting room, that I was in the right place and that Tracy could help me with whatever my problems were that had brought me into his (Tracy's) office that day". That gentleman client went so far as to tell me this AFTER he had exited the office, sticking his head back inside the door to mention this, AND THE FACT that he himself was a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon (!) who visits Tracy on a regular basis in order for Tracy to keep his back in shape! Needless to say, I had immediate confidence that I was in the right place!

I experienced immediate pain relief and results from that first visit, and returned later in the week only to assure myself that the treatment I had received would "stay." It did. On my 2nd visit that week, I mentioned to Tracy that he must "work his way out of patients" since my pain relief had been so immediate.

Not only was the pain relief immediate in my case, it has also been LASTING. I was able to resume my normal activities, including a regular fitness routine, and did not feel the need to visit Tracy's office again until a year later in 2015. I have since referred several friends and coworkers, and brought a dear friend to Tracy's practice last fall.

Most recently, I have sought treatment from Tracy again in August of 2016, due to an athletic-related injury. And once again, Tracy was able to bring immediate pain relief during the first treatment, and further repair and relief during a followup 2nd visit in the same week.

I have complete confidence in Tracy Maxfield and his In Balance Neuromuscular Therapy, and feel that his treatment and work brings immediate and, more importantly, LASTING results!

Thank you, Tracy, for the impeccable and sustaining work that you do, and for the care and concern with which you approach your clients' needs!"

- Laurel Browning

"I came to Tracy Maxfield with pain in my left ankle. Earlier a podiatrist had diagnosed me with posterior tibial tendonitis. The traditional approach of
RICE and physical therapy seemed to do little to help. Tracy was able to treat my ankle with his techniques and quickly strength and power returned to my ankle. The pain was gone and I am back to enjoying sports. Thank you Tracy Maxfield!"

- Kevin Kickham


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