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In 2008, Tracy began teaching Kinesiology while earning his massage license at the Professional Massage Training Center. It was here that Tracy learned about Precision Neuromuscular Therapy (PNMT), and was immediately drawn to this very efficient modality of pain relief. Since earning certification in PNMT, Tracy has seen remarkable results in his clients which inspired him to make it the main focus of his practice.


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The therapist determines the effectiveness of therapy. But, as helping professionals, how do we take care of our selves while seven of our clients are texting us, unable to get calm? As mental health practitioners, we provide front line healthcare right now. We talk everyday with people who are contemplating suicide or have lost family members to COVID. Kids have grownup-sized depression right now. Parents feel helpless and panicked. Young adults want to launch into the world, but their school and social experiences- aspects that once built support networks for becoming self-directed and able to manage out there- languish behind electronic devices of every type. Loneliness darkens their world and creates chronic pain in their bodies. How are we, psychologists, counselors, physicians, social workers and body workers supposed to address this emotional pandemic? And how do we deal with our own depleted energy, much less help others feel better? Deborah Cox, psychologist, and Tracy Maxfield, body psychotherapist, explore therapy, art, love, and help for the healer… at the intersection of body, mind, and spirit. Episodes focus on the health of the therapist and how to bring joy and learning back into this important work.


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