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A Drug-Free Alternative To Pain Relief

In 2008, Tracy began teaching Kinesiology while earning his massage license at the Professional Massage Training Center. It was here that Tracy learned about Precision Neuromuscular Therapy (PNMT), and was immediately drawn to this very efficient modality of pain relief. Since earning certification in PNMT, Tracy has seen remarkable results in his clients which inspired him to make it the main focus of his practice.

$200 per 50 minute session with Tracy

$300 per 50 minute session for co-therapy

Advantages To Visiting InBalance Neuromuscular Therapy

Immediate Pain Relief

Many of our patients report significant pain relief in as little as one session.

Eliminate Guesswork

Using PDTR, we are able to map out the dysfunction and target the primary source of pain.

Lasting Pain Relief

We're not interested in masking the pain... We look to fix the root cause.


We use movement lessons to provide new information to create new possibilities.

Tellus Wellness

Tracy is also a member of Tellus Wellness, an innovative company whose goal is to make allied and alternative healthcare options available through insurance. This is a great project that will help provide great treatments to people that might normally find them financially out of reach.


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